Sapphire Diamond Vine Earrings

Sapphire and Diamond Acanthus Vine Earrings.  On reverse, “Joy” and “Love”.

Spinel stud earrings with eagle feather texture.


Raven skull earrings set with large spinel eyes, sapphires and spinel studs. Fine silver. 60 mm tall.

Spinel set feather earrings with owl and eagle feather texture. 65 mm tall.

Ruby set feather earrings with owl and eagle feather texture. 45 mm tall.

Silver aspen branch earrings. 45 mm tall.

Vertical silver plum blossom earrings set with amethyst, sapphire, alexandrite and spinel. On reverse, “Burst into Blossom”.

Raven Talons with Chakra Stones

Aster earrings set with amethyst crystals and textured with flicker feather. 65 mm tall.

Spiral Ourobouros earrings, with sapphire eyes in the serpents. 30 mm tall.

Plum Tree Earrings Silver Sapphire

Vertical Plum Tree Earrings in Silver with White Sapphires.  On reverse, “Burst into blossom”.

Long drop Earrings in silver with sapphires, spinel, and amethyst.  Reversible hawk feather texture and acanthus vine texture.

Mako Tooth Earrings in silver with sapphires.

Coral spiral Earrings in silver. 30 mm tall.

Long hinged Earrings in silver with sapphires, amethyst and spinel. Textured with horsehair from Wilson Wy. 75 mm tall.

Silver Arrowhead Earrings in silver with spinel. From an 11,000 year old point, Wilson WY. 40 mm tall.

Bronze Plaintain seed-pod earrings set with white sapphires.  For healing and grounding energy. On reverse, “Courage” and “Strength”.


Bronze driftwood textured hinged earrings.  For calming energy. On reverse, “Journey” and “Inspire”. 3″long

Willow Leaves in Bronze with White Sapphires. These cluster earrings in bronze and sterling silver have different inspirational inscriptions on reverse. 45mm x 15 mm.

Lemon Shark Tooth Earrings in bronze, On reverse: “Focus, True Power”. 50mm x 10 mm.

Shell Earrings in Bronze. On reverse: “om”

Vertical Plum Blossom Earrings in Bronze. Set with amethyst, sapphire, spinel. On reverse: “Burst into Blossom”


Long Ammonite Earrings in Bronze. On reverse: “Dream”. 60mm x 23 mm.

Moon and stars Earrings in sapphires and bronze. On reverse: “Dream”.

Circle drop earrings textured and bronze. Textured with sagebrush for strength and determination.

Cute folkloric owls in bronze with spinel eyes. 25 mm tall.

Silver Aster Earrings. On reverse: “Dream”.

Wolf fur textured silver and sapphire earrings. 45mm x 5 mm. On reverse: “passion, truth”

Double lemon shark tooth earrings in bronze. 45mm x 5 mm. On reverse: “om, harmony”


Long Blued Steel, Silver and Sapphire Earrings. 50mm x 8 mm.


Dancing Silver Skeleton Earrings. Light blue spinel eyes. “Harmony” on reverse. 45 x 15 mm

Raven Talon Earrings Silver

Raven Talon Earrings in Silver.  On reverse, “Dream” and “Joy”.

Plaintain seed-pod earrings in silver set with white sapphires.  For healing and grounding energy. On reverse, “Courage” and “Strength”.

Chakra Circle Earrings

Chakra Circles in Silver, Textured with Owl Feather, Sapphires, Peridot, Ruby, Garnet, Amethyst. On reverse, “Joy” and “wisdom”.

Hawk Feather Texture Pave Studs Spinel

Hawk Feather Textured Pave Studs set with Blue Spinel. On reverse, “Joy”, “Love” .

Silver Hummingbird Skull Earrings

Hummingbird Skull Earrings in Silver.  On reverse, “Joy” .

Bronze Sapphire Studs

Circle Studs with White Sapphires in Bronze, textured with Owl Feather.  On reverse, “Hope” and “Love”.

Pave Circle Studs Purple

Pave Circle Studs in Silver with Amethyst and Sapphire.  On reverse, “Dream” and “Love”.


Raven and Fox Claw Sapphire Earrings in Silver.  On reverse, “Power” and “Strength”.

Triple Owl Talon Earrings in Silver

Triple Owl Talon Earrings in Silver.  On reverse, “Joy” and “Fly”.

Wolf Fur Textured Silver Moons with White Sapphires

Wolf Fur Textured Silver Moon Earrings with White Sapphires.  On reverse, “Balance” and “Light”.

Sapphire Moose Antler Earrings

Blue Sapphire Moose Antler Earrings in Fine Silver.  On reverse, “Strength” and “Love”.

Great grey owl feather earrings set with spinel and sapphires. On reverse: “wisdom, guidance”

Lotus petal mandala earrings set with rubies and pink sapphires. On reverse: “love, courage”

Ammonite Blue Opal Chandelier Earrings

Ammonite Blue Opal Chandelier Earrings.  On reverse, “Dwell in Possibility”.

Silver Crane Wing Earrings

Silver Sandhill Crane Wing Earrings.  On reverse, “Serenity” and “Peace”.

Claw Earrings Silver

Wolf Claw and Raven Talon Drop Earrings in Silver.  On reverse, “Joy”, “Dream” “Live” and “Love”.

Silver Spinel Cyrysanthemum Earrings

Silver Spinel Chrysanthemum Earrings with wolf fur texture. 50 mm x 45 mm

Single Willow Leaves Amethyst Bronze

Willow Leaf Earrings in Bronze with little Amethyst.  On reverse, “Flexibility” and “Strength”.

Owl Talon Earrings Silver

Owl Talon Earrings in Silver.  On reverse, “Fly” and “Joy”.

Petite Sparrow Skull Earrings

Petite Sparrow Skull Earrings in Silver.  On reverse, “Joy” and “Love”.

Little Angel wing Earrings in Silver.  On reverse, “Love”, “Joy”.

Owl Feather Textured Square Studs

Owl Feather Textured Square Stud Earrings in Silver set with Cabochon Sapphires.  On reverse, “Hope” and “Live”.

Wolf Claw Earrings

Wolf Claw Earrings in Sterling Silver, available in bronze, gold. On reverse “Love” and “Joy”.

Aspen leaf Earrings in silver, your choice of inscriptions.

Bronze Horseshoe Earrings Set with White Sapphires Sapphires. On reverse “Luck” “Love”

Petite Plum Blossom Earrings in bronze with sapphires and spinel. On reverse “Open your Heart”

Lucky silver serpents set with white sapphires.